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Today one in two couples co-habit before they marry, while the number of couples living together has increased more than ten fold in the last thirty years. Those who consider themselves “religious” are also following the same trend with between two and three out of five couples living together before marriage. In Before You Live Together, Dr. Dave Gudgel examines the reasons and results of living together before marriage. Although the majority of people think cohabitating is a good idea, the statistics show that it is not. With caring and thoughtful insight, through real life stories, Gudgel helps singles and dating couples make a wise and informed choice about living together before marriage. While this book presents relevant facts and statistics and biblical values in a compelling and loving way, it never lectures, but instead seeks to help you decide what is best. Read it for yourself. Read it with the one you love. Read it to make the right decision at the time when it matters most.


Dave Gudgel’s book is packed with timely wisdom and warm encouragement. If you’re contemplating a life together or if you counsel couples who are, you’ll find life-changing insights in these pages. I highly recommend Before You Live Together.

Bruce Wilkinson
Author, New York Times bestseller The Prayer of Jabez

Dave Gudgel offers some thought-provoking, humorous and biblical reasons to follow God’s blueprint for a romantic relationship. If couples want to do marriage right and make it last, they would do well to read Before You Live Together.

Kirk Cameron

If you’re holding this book because a friend gave it to you – count that person as an exceptional friend. If you just picked it up – count yourself very wise for buying it and poring through its pages. From my perspective, Before You Live Together is a book that those of us in the counseling field have needed for years. From your perspective, it will give you the wisdom and sound counsel you will need to answer the hard questions on whether living together really works and makes sense. Before you make the decision to live together, read this book.

John Trent, Ph.D.
President, StrongFamilies.com

Dave Gudgel has crafted an excellent resource for anyone who is involved in counseling young couples. I appreciate his honesty and attention to carefully gathered statistics. Before You Live Together is a very helpful book!

Robin Jones Gunn
Best-selling author, The Christy Miller Series for Teens and the Glenbrooke Series

My friend Dave Gudgel has written a very sensible and sensitive book on a very important issue. You should read it for yourself and then get a copy for every couple you care about that is considering living together without getting married. This well-researched and commonsense book could save a lot of heartache. I highly recommend it.

Dr. Neil T. Anderson
Freedom In Christ Ministries

“I wouldn’t buy a car without driving it, so taking my potential mate for a test drive only makes good sense.” This sounds like a logical conclusion until you understand that our ways are not God’s ways. My friend Dave Gudgel unwinds the logic of living together before marriage, establishes how harmful it is to the couple and to society and then shows a better way.

My daddy was a bookie. Being raised as a gambler’s kid, I understand odds. I know not to bet very much on a long shot. Dave shows how living together before marriage makes a successful marriage a long shot at best. This book is a must-read for people of all ages who are seriously dating and for those who have already put their future marriage at risk.

Jay Carty
Yes! Ministries

Wisdom begins with understanding the wisdom of God in our lives. Before You Live Together gives you a taste of how wise God is. This is a must-read for those who desire God’s blessing upon their marriage.

Dr. Darryl DelHousaye
Senior Pastor, Scottsdale Bible Church
President, Phoenix Seminary

Before You Live Together
is an important, practical and easy-to-read book. It is a valuable tool for those who are taking an honest look at marriage. By evaluating the pros and cons of living together before marriage, the book challenges current social trends and guides couples toward God’s standards for happiness in relationships.

Bob Phillips
Author, Counselor
Director at Large, Hume Lake Christian Camps

This book is long overdue. Before You Live Together deals with the cornerstone of a successful Christian marriage. I recommend it without reservation.

Dr. Ken Poure
Director Emeritus, Hume Lake Christian Camps

I am currently 22 years old and finishing my last year in college. Before I picked up this book, I believed I would never be ready for marriage. Since then, I have learned that with the right preparation and guidance, a true, life-lasting relationship between a man and a woman can still exist in today’s society….Had I not read this book front to back, I might have made the same mistake that most other couples make - choosing co-habitation before marriage as a way to “make sure” or “save money.”…There is now no doubt in my mind that I will not, under any circumstance, choose to live with my partner before marriage. It is no longer a lingering question or doubt running through my mind. The evidence was provided. This book is incredible for anyone who has not made up their mind yet about living together, or for those considering options.

A female college student

Thought it would interest you to know that our former neighbors called a few weeks ago from Michigan. They were upset that their daughter’s intent was to live with her boyfriend. We sent them Scripture references, plus a copy of Before You Live Together. They wrote to say that the materials helped the kids reach a decision to marry – in fact they were married on March 5th!

A middle-aged parent

Just finished reading your new book. Well done! I’m going to give it to a few couples I’m working with. Is there any way I can get them quickly from you? I have a first session tomorrow night with a couple who are already living together ….I have four weddings coming up in the next few months and it seems every couple has jumped the boat.

A Pastor

Recently I was preaching and mentioned how frequently people lived together today before marriage – we sold about 10 of your books after the service….To date we have had 4 couples who were living together now decide to get married! Great resource!!

Steve Keyes, Pastor

I was given this book by a friend, and at first was a little hesitant to read it. But once I got started it was definitely enjoyable. I would categorize myself as an extremely critical reader, and this book passed my test. The author does a good job of presenting evidence that is actually fact and from credible sources, not just an author’s opinion. There are good examples and stories throughout, making it an even better read. I recommend it.

A male college student

Publication Information

Before You Live Together
Author: Dr. Dave Gudgel
Regal Books • Trade Paper • 174 pages • September 2003
Relationships • ISBN: 0830732527
Retail US Price• US $9.99

Before You Live Together
Author: Dr. Dave Gudgel
Simplified Chinese Translation Edition
ZDL Books, China • Trade Paper • 215 pages • January 2005
ISBN: 830732527


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